Combinatorics and interactions

A thematic trimester at the interface between mathematical physics, representation theory and probability

January 9 — March 31, 2017

IHP —Institut Henri Poincaré— Paris

Research seminar

We will organize a research seminar during the trimester and we encourage everyone to attend. It takes place on Thursday afternoons 2--4 pm (with additional special sessions on Friday morning depending on demand -- more information on this at a later time). It consists of two back to back research talks of approximately 45 minutes plus Q&A. The first talk is given by an established researcher from our community. The second talk is reserved for young researchers (broadly defined as graduate students and post--docs).

Organizers: Dan Betea, Dario De Stavola, Norman Do

Please consult the dedicated page hosted by the university of Zürich for more information, including the schedule and the contact address of the organizers.

You can also directly subscribe to the mailing list by clicking here!!! (note: participants to the trimester are not automatically on this list, so if you are interested please subscribe).

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